DERri – Distributed Energy Resources Research Infrastructure
DERRI has as its primary objective the further integration of the European Distributed Energy Resources research community through the provision of User Access to a unique portfolio of important European Laboratories in the field of Distributed Energy Resources, focusing mainly system and architectural aspects of smart energy network based on Distributed Generation.
 Period:   01/09/2009 – 31/08/2013
 Project Budget:
 Project Coordinator:
  ERSE (Italy)
 Scientific Responsible for NTUA:
  ICCS-NTUA, N. Hatziargyriou
 Partners:  AIT (Austria), CEA (France), CRES (EL), EDF-SA (France), Fraunhofer-IWES (DE), KEMA (Netherlands), TECNALIA-LAB (ES), RISOE-DTU (Denmark), TU Lodz (Poland), TUS-RDS (Bulgaria), VTT (Finland), USTRAT (UK), UNIMAN (UK).
 website: http://www.der-ri.net/