The Laboratory
The SmartRUE laboratory comprises the following main components:

• Electromagnetic Compatibility in the frequency range 2kHz-150kHz

The main services offered by the above facilities are:
• Performance of Power Hardware-in-Loop testing of DER devices. CHIL applications are also possible with the RTDS simulator
• Testing both local and remote by Multi Agent System (MAS) technology and performance of optimizations
• Fast testing of developed control algorithms (Matlab/Simulink) in a flexible hardware power electronic converter provided by Triphase
• Power curve measurement of Small Wind Turbines
• Small wind turbine generator testing

• Testing and validation of DG components within the Microgrids operation

ICCS-NTUA is a full member of DERlab: the association of leading laboratories and research institutes in the field of distributed energy resources equipment and systems.

Experiences from the implementation of Transnational Access activities at ICCS-NTUA.


A presentation of the Laboratory Infrastructure and development plan can be accessed here

An overview of the Smart RUE lab is illustrated in the below figure:

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